Once again, Batawa was filled with the halloween spirit. Despite the rainy weather a good number of both children and adults turned out for this event. A good time was had by all. Donations for Links To Learning were up over last year. We are very much looking forward to the

2016 event - Run To the Hills III Send In the Clowns


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Run To the Hills was a 5k or 10k run at Batawa ski hill. There was also an "Alice in Wonderland" childrens fun area set up for the children before the run that culminated in a 1k run for the children at dusk. 

This event was probably one of the most fun events that we have done. The whole concept of a night time Halloween run was extremely well received. We were not without errors but will repeat the many fabulous aspects and improve where we need to.

The children's area was extremely well received and we received numerous compliments. This will absolutely be expanded on next year. They played croquet, had their faces painted, played games, did crafts and even broke open an amazing looking Cheshire Cat pinata. They finished off with their 1k run after which they received a great looking medallion.

Then it was time for the 5 and 10k. Many adults in costume as well as others that were not ran the trails while wearing a headlamp for lighting. They passed many Halloween props as well as numerous volunteers that were in costume "scaring the sheet outta them". Yes, we made mistakes but in the end a fun time was had. We are so looking forward to next years Run To the Hills.

We want to thank our sponsors, prize donors, Tri&Run Sports and myracetime.ca, St. John's Ambulance, Batawa Ski Hill, Chef Nelson Bridger, Sweet Masquerade Faceart for the fantastic makeup and the many, many volunteers that put countless hours into this event.