Stache For Cash

$2117.80 has been donated from this event.


Those involved had a great time and we thank them for there efforts. We also would like to thank Dem Bones for hosting this event and for their prize donations. We also need to thank Marks Workwear House and Partsource for prize donations.

Here a couple of shots from the evening including Jullie and Meaghan's staches.


This event turned out to be a lot of fun. It was really a last minute idea of Brian's that paid off. B.J. and Jane (see the story below) did a lot for us.

 Thanks to Crabby Joe's for hosting us and giving us the "best stache" prizes (won by B.J., Jane and Paul Hollingsworth).

By W. Brice McVicar, The Intelligencer

“Who said Movember is only for men?”


Belleville interior decorator and painter Jane Belnap answered her own question when she challenged her friend B.J. McLeod by wearing a fake 'stache to help him raising cash for Prostate Cancer Canada.

“Last Tuesday, when I saw he had that $5-donation thing going on at his store in support of Movember (McLeod is the owner of Quinte Paint & Wallpaper in Belleville) I told him 'I will challenge you. I'll wear a moustache 24/7 until the end of the month and start collecting donations too,'” said the painter, while showcasing her kid-like and black-marked moustache.

While men support breast cancer research throughout the year by wearing pink clothing items at certain events or using pink sporting equipment during hockey, soccer, football and rugby tournaments, Belnap thinks more women like her should participate in Movember by wearing fake moustaches to help changing the face of men's health.

“By me wearing this fake moustache I want other women to be aware of Movember and what it stands for, as well as guys to know that I support the cause,” noted the interior decorator.

Both Belnap and friend McLeod have been affected by men close to them who suffer or have suffered from prostate cancer. McLeod's father, Alex, 72, has been fighting the disease for nine years.

“My family has been affected by the disease through my dad and he is still fighting prostate cancer today,” said McLeod.

“This is the first year I do something for Movember, both by growing a moustache and raising money here at the store by inviting people to make a $5 donation, sign their name on a paper stache and put it up on our Movember wall.”

Like thousands of men across Canada – and now around the world – Belnap and McLeod have become walking and talking billboards for the remaining days of November.

Through their actions and words, they hope not only to raise $1,000 but to raise awareness by prompting public conversation around prostate cancer and other men's health issues.

“I go around canvassing with one of the 'stache-fund' cans B.J. has in his store to collect money and explain to those who donate and sign their names on the paper staches that we have this little friendly competition B.J. and I to support the cause,” noted Belnap.

“It's been great so far. I do get weird looks one in a while cause I'm wearing this moustache, but I noticed that those looks come mostly from people who aren't aware of Movember.”