Justus Concert

135 people filled Kingsdale Chateau in Kingston. Their donations raised $700 for Kingston-Frontenac Council on Aging.


Justus concert - Kingsdale Chateau June 15/12

This was one of our most rewarding events to date. Brian was working with a promotor in Kingston that unfortunately, let it fall apart. With one week to go Brian had Justus (an extraordinary 35 person choir) ready to go but no venue and no one to see the show. That's when he really went to work. Within a few days he had the Kingsdale Chateau in Kingston on board to host this event. With no time for ticket sales this became a free concert but we would accept donations for Victim Services in Kingston, which also was a last minute add-on as a charity. In the end over 100 people enjoyed what many described as "The best show we've ever seen." It truly was a magical night. Kudos to Brian for pulling this one off.

This event raised $545.25 for Victim Services Kingston

You have to check out this video to see just how talented Justus is and what a great time this full house had!!