Adam's Hope

The first charity or non-profit that we ever worked with is Adam's Hope. This was even before the creation of B&R Promotions.      

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Adam's Hope was created by the parents of an autistic boy. After having tried traditional therapies for 4 years, Adam's parents were concerned that his progress was extremely slow. Confident that Adam was capable of learning and developing, his parents sought other methods of therapy.


When they discovered the Son-Rise Program they also discovered that the government funding they had been receiving only supported the traditional therapies that were not working for their son. So, they decided to help themselves. Through fundraising and their own finances, Adam's parents received the training they needed to start the program that changed Adam's life. Through Adam's Hope, the family was able to take Adam to the Autism Treatment Centre of America – home of the Son Rise Program as well as train volunteers, who now are a part of a solid, consistent and effective program that is enabling Adam to emerge slowly but surely from autism.


With Adam's program in place, Adam's parents wanted to help other families affected by autism. They believe that parents know their children best and should be able to pursue any avenue of treatment they feel is most effective for their child. And so Adam's Hope exists so that parents can attend seminars, explore dietary options and methods of treatment without having to foot the entire cost themselves.

The Gleaners Foodbank

On Aug 13/14 we had the privilege of being given a guided tour of The Gleaners Foodbank by Susanne Quinlan. We have the utmost respect for her and her staff. The Foodbank is run like a business while remembering to keep in mind the special needs of the client. Below is video of the tour that we had. We also had the opportunity to volunteer building hampers and serving clients. It was a great experience. If you have the chance to volunteer with the Foodbank we urge you to do so.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hastings and Prince Edward is a well respected agency within the Quinte area. This short clip from Arlene Coculuzzi, the executive director, will tell you a little more. Watch for contact information at the end if you would like to volunteer or get more information about becoming a big brother or big sister

PECM Hospital Foundation

The PECMH Foundation is an independent, charitable organization governed by a board of community volunteers. The Foundation was established in 1985 to encourage and co-ordinate a continuing high level of support for the Hospital. Donations from individuals, corporations, and local organizations share the belief that community participation makes a stronger health care system. Thanks to the continued generosity of donors, the Foundation is able to provide funding for medical equipment, buildings and/or renovations to our Hospital. 

The Foundation has always enjoyed the trust, support and generosity of the community. We recognize the spirit of giving and are most grateful. Continued support is paramount to the updating of medical equipment and building enhancements in our Hospital.

The government DOES NOT pay for new medical equipment.  It has always been the responsibility of the community, through the Foundation’s fundraising efforts, to fund the medical equipment needs.  

Since 1999, the Foundation has purchased over $6.5M worth of medical equipment such as ultrasound machines, defibrillators, vital signs monitors, digital mammography machine, colonocopes, an ECG machine and much more.

Kerry's Place Autism Services

Kerry's Place Autism Services (KPAS) has been committed to enhancing the quality of life of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for over 35 years through innovative personalized supports, expertise, collaboration and advocacy. We are Canada's largest service provider with over 5,000 people with an ASD supported annually.

With the number of persons with an ASD growing at an alarming rate each year, the need for Kerry's Place Autism Services continues to expand. Through collaborative efforts and a dedicated staff we provide assistance to enable communities to increase their capacity to support individuals with an ASD and their families.