Along with our existing support of local charities, this fund will be used to support specific local needs. We all hear of them quite often; someone that has been struck by tragedy, a physical need within the community, or even a family in need during the holidays. There are many ways that we can help within the community and we would like your help in making us aware. If you know of a situation where we might be able to help please let us know. Thank you for your support!!!


current balance $1080.29

To date donations toward this fund have come from these events; Three in a Bed darts tournament, Ringers at the Rengar horseshoes, Stache For Cash, and the Adam's Hope Slo-pitch tournament. 


Below you will a listing of donations that have been made from this fund.

Autistic Families Win

At our recent Adam's Hope slo-pitch tournament, we also raised for our B&R Quinte Fund. From the fund we turned around and awarded $500 from the fund to a local family of Autism. At the tournament six families were represented and put into a draw for the funds. Team Brandon won the draw for Brandon's family. After the tournament Adam's Hope decided to award $500 to each of the families that did not win the draw. In the end, all six families benefited.

Heartfit Farms

 We made a $550 donation to cover a bursary. 

This is from their homepage. The website is http://heartfitrespite.com/

Welcome to Heartfit Farm Holidays , a non profit program for adults 18+ with developmental differences 

Nestled on 80 acres in the Northumberland Hills near Belleville, Ontario. We are a working farm.

This historic farm was deeded to Empire Loyalists in 1802 and was owned and worked by one family running a large apiary producing honey from 1842 to 1987.

We now produce goat meat, pork, meat chickens and eggs. Our livestock is raised traditionally on non medicated feed and we maintain a high standard of hygiene and health.  We also produce organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.

Full programming  for 8 guests at a time means flexible activities and participation choices. Experienced professional teachers and developmental service workers lead the guests into new learning and reinforce daily living skills.

Activities, &  scheduling are determined by weather, interests and the needs of our guests.

hi Ritch, sorry it took me so long to get this picture to you. Olivia was the recipient of your generous donation (from B&R Promotions). She has a chronic arthritic condition that keeps her in a lot of pain. She rarely smiles but our animals got it our of her.Use whatever picture you want. Enjoy the rest of the summer
stay well
Cristina Milner
Heartfit Respite

Ava Brant

This comes from an event set up on facebook.


George and Samantha Brant's youngest daughter, Ava Butthead, has to have open heart surgery in the near future. Her first appointment at CHEO in Ottawa is on February 20th. At this appointment, hopefully George and Sam will find out when surgery will be scheduled. Ava will turn 7 years old on January 17th. Along with other family members and some friends we are starting to raise money for their family to help with some of the cost of travelling back and forth to and from Ottawa, and to help while Ava is in the hospital. As most of you know, George and Sam also have 3 other children, Aurora, Shayla and Aiden. And Sam is currently a full time student at Loyalist College and George is just waiting for the nice weather to get here so he can get back to work.


Please stay tuned for more details. And please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


The bank account has been set up at CIBC, and anyone can deposit donations from any CIBC location. This is the information you will need to deposit a donation:

Account name: Ava's Fund

Account #: 0380334

Transit #: 01292

Grier street fire relief

On January 3/14 a fire  on Grier Street in Belleville destroyed a home that was housing a single mom named Danielle and her 5 year old daughter Ember. Also a family of 5 lost everything in the fire.


Here is the link to the facebook page. 



Donations can be made here;


Zoe Hennessy's story


A rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. EDS, as it is also known, is a group of inherited disorders that affect the connective tissues. Zoe continues to fight to get back on her feet and back to as normal and active life as she can have to enjoy simple things like going out in the school yard with her friends. Her family's resources are completely depleted at this point and despite numerous applications, they have not yet been approved for any government funding. Family and friends have done as much as they can to help, but the costs of treatment, such as physiotherapy and mobility tools, keep mounting.



For more information on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome go to www.ednf.org for more information on Zoe's secondary diagnosis, Reflex Sympathetic Disorder, go to www.rsds.org - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/zoe-s-eds-fundraiser/82687#sthash.XgJQ6cCY.dpuf

B.J. Ketcheson's story

This is from the facebook page BJ's Battle


We were able to make a $200 donation from our B&R Quinte Fund to help support the family. That is thanks to YOU!!! Please help us in showing your support to a local family in need.

Help us support BJ Ketcheson & Family in his battle with cancer.