F. A. Q. 's

Where do you get the time to do this?
Although both Brian and Ritch have jobs, they as well as the company volunteers believe in what they are doing and the positive effect that it has on the community. If you believe in something you will find the time to make it happen.

Where did you come up with the idea to do this?
It was originally an idea of Brians. Somehow, one day, in the middle of a parking lot, Brian and Ritch met and started discussing the possibility. That night they started with the idea of a slo-pitch tournament for charity and it has grown rapidly from there.

What do you get from this?
B&R Promotions is a registered business. Our goal is the same as any business, to make money. That said, our primary focus remains the charity or non-profit that we are working with. We are always transparent with any charity or non-profit before we reach any agreement on what the bottom line for an event will be.

What is the advantage to the charity or non-profit?
We have spoken to a large number of charities and non-profits. That fact is that these organizations would spend more to host the event themselves than they do hiring us. On top of that they do not have the manpower. The other big advantage to the charity or non-profit is that they assume zero risk. All up front fees are paid by B&R Promotions. The charity or non-profit is asked to do nothing except accept the cheque when the event is done.

Do charities or non-profits participate in the organization of your events?
That is strictly up to the organization. Often we will ask for use of their logo and any assistance they can offer with regard to promotion. This is to their benefit. The bottom line though is that our events are our events and when we are done we will donate funds to the organization whether they have assisted or not.

Stats Pack

As of Dec 31/16

  • 83 events in 45 locations
  • approximately 9895 people have attended our events
  • worked with 9 partners
  • worked with 72 charities or non-profits or families directly
  • have had 249 different prize donors
  • worked with 44 different media outlets
  • have had 306 volunteers 
  • raised $97,452.17 to date
  • 84 companies have sponsored an event or a full year's sponsorship
  • 1,921,789 people have been reached on our Facebook pages since Jan 2013